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Cookie Use Policy of AS Vanden Kindlustusmaaklerid

AS Vanden Kindlustusmaaklerid uses cookies on their website (hereinafter the “website”). Cookies do not jeopardise the settings of the website.

Cookies are small text files that are loaded to the device (computer, mobile) of the visitor of the website. Cookies are stored on the hard disk of the device in the web browser’s file catalogue (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox).

When the visitor visits the website again, the visitor’s web browser shall read the cookie and transfer the information therein to the website that the visitor visited or to the element that installed the cookie.

Cookies enable to recognise the visitor when they enter the website again and remember their data, incl. contact details, so that the visitor is not required to re-enter such data upon visiting the website thereafter.

Cookies collect anonymous user information, which enables to improve the website for the client by enhancing user experience.

Cookies remember that you are using our website and are used as a basis for forwarding advertisements to the visitor.

Cookies do not contain personal data and cannot be used for identification of persons. Cookies that we use on our website:

  • Session cookies – these cookies are stored while the visitor of the website navigates the website, keeping in mind that the visitor has already made a choice and can therefore avoid having to re- enter their data.
  • Persistent cookies – these cookies are stored as a combination of numbers in the end-device (mobile, computer) of the user upon visiting the website. These cookies remember the data of the visitor as well as their activities on the website upon repeated visits and help avoid re- entering data. The retention period of such cookies is dependent on their type.
  • Tracking cookies – these cookies are used for viewing and analysing website statistics.
  • Third-party cookies – we use cookies from third parties (such as Google) in order to serve advertisements and optimise marketing activities. Third-party cookies are stored in the end- device of the user upon visiting the website and are used to evaluate the advertisements and the content thereof displayed to the visitor of the website. Such cookies may store the geographic data of the visitor of the website, e.g. on the basis of their IP address.

In the case that the visitor of the website wishes to restrict the use of cookies or disable cookies from being stored in their device, they can do so under Settings in their web browser.

Vanden Kindlustusmaaklerid AS reserves the right to change the Cookie Use Policy by publishing the new Cookie Use Policy on their website. The visitor of the website shall re-examine the website’s policy upon each visit.